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Robin Burby

Robin Burby  MATCM   MBAcC

Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Royal Society of Medicine Senior Associate

BSc (Hons) Traditional Chinese Medicine
BMed (Beijing University of Chinese Medicine)
BSc (Hons) Business Administration

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Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbalism is the second main treatment modality within TCM, and there are many stories about the safety and pureness of Chinese herbs, some saying that they are completely safe because they are natural: this is a complete fallacy!

If herbs have the power to heal, then logically they have the power to also do harm, and just like conventional drugs prescribed by your doctor, the dosage and combination are paramount in the drug being a medicine or a poison.

I have studied on the most comprehensive degree available in Europe; a full-time five year dual honoured degree in both the UK and China where I studied in two of China’s most prestigious hospitals in Beijing and can now say that I am qualified to prescribe these herbs, BUT, like TCM as a subject and indeed all medicine, studying is never complete and each patient I treat will have an individualised study performed to ensure that I am prescribing the correct treatment, and that it is safe.

As far as the quality of the herbs, I only purchase my herbs from the most reputable and reliable sources that adhere to both China’s and Germany’s good manufacturing process (GMP) and thus ensure that the quality is the best available. This not only provides peace of mind to both you as the patient and me as the practitioner, but also provides assurance that the efficacy of the herbs is of the highest quality.

Chinese herbs can come in a variety of forms. The most traditional, individualised and effective is the prescription of loose herbs which are divided up in to bags for six days of the week, which must be taken home, soaked and boiled up and drunk as a tea twice-a-day. This formula of herbs is nearly always revised on a weekly basis and normally will be adjusted to suit your varying symptoms. This format can taste a bit strange at first, but often after a couple of days patients often become accustomed to the taste, and some even like it!

Remember that TCM is an ancient medical system, and in the past medicine as a child would always taste bad. Presently, drug companies do a fantastic job in devising medications to be more palatable, but of course this means that the actual synthesised chemicals are mixed in with other ingredients.

Another format is that of patent herbal pills – small brown pellets which are made from classic and modern formulae that are most often used in chronic conditions in which it becomes inconvenient for the patient to prepare loose herbs over several weeks. I will also recommend this format for those who have limited free time. Please note that patent pills will still provide valuable benefit but its effect will take longer on most people, and often a couple of different bottles must be prescribed at the same time.