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Robin Burby

Robin Burby  MATCM   MBAcC

Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Royal Society of Medicine Senior Associate

BSc (Hons) Traditional Chinese Medicine
BMed (Beijing University of Chinese Medicine)
BSc (Hons) Business Administration

Chinese Wisdom

People may DOUBT what you say, but they will BELIEVE what you do

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The British Acupuncture Council

The British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) is the UK's main acupuncture regulatory body and has over 2800 professionally qualified members.


The Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

The Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture (UK) (ATCM) is a main regulatory body for the practice of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and tuina. Currently, there are over 700 professionally qualified TCM practitioners registered with ATCM.


The Fountain Center

The Fountain Centre is a registered charity that provides palliative care to cancer patients and their families and is an integral part of the St Luke's Cancer Centre, located within the Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford, Surrey.


Nam Yang Pugilistic Association

The Nam Yang Pugilistic Association is one of the world's oldest Traditional Chinese Shaolin Temple Martial Arts schools. Nam Yang teaches Southern Shaolin Martial Arts styles including Tiger-Crane Gongfu and Shaolin Weapons systems, Hard and Soft Qigong, Lion and Dragon Dancing and the Shuang Yang Pei Ho or Sun Frost White Crane Soft Internal Art (similar to taiji).


Nova Força
Brazilian Jiu-jitsu & Muay Thai Boxing

Nova Força teaches in London, Purley & Epsom under two very experienced instructors: Ricardo Da Silva, black belt instructor of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu who came over from Brazil to teach in the UK from 2003, and Theo Theodoulou, the Nova Força Muay Thai coach who has over 17 years experience in both training and competitions.


Streatham Osteopaths

Streatham Osteopaths has been serving the local community for over 20 years and is based in the heart of the Furzedown Area of Streatham, London.